Questions I do not have an answer for :

Why was Orbital Cellulitis rejected by Wexham Park Hospital Accident and Emergency by two doctors, Moorfields Accident and Emergency, City Road, London and Moorfields, St Georges, Tooting despite being told that an Optometrist had referred me to hospital with the condition?

Why is Orbital Cellulitis not treated as a medical emergency in the South East of England?

How many days does it take for untreated Orbital Cellulitis to start to permanently damage sight?

How many days does it take for untreated Orbital Cellulitis to start affecting the brain?

How many days does it take for untreated Orbital Cellulitis to start increasing the probability of death?

What are the textbook distinguishing factors between a viral infection, conjunctivitis and Orbital Cellulitis?

If I had a credit card with a high credit limit, where could I have gone to get this condition looked at professionally with a higher degree of urgency?

I emailed two Moorfields consultants when I was in distress asking where I could pay for a CT Scan - why did they not reply and still have not?

Why was the only clinic which took any photo of my eye for their records and diagnosis Accuvision, a private company?

What was the outcome of all of the swab tests taken at both Moorfields locations and Royal Berks?

I reacted well to IV antibiotics, had restricted eye movements, had Proptosis, pain on eye movement and loss of vision so why was Periobital Cellulitis put on my discharge form from the hospital instead of Orbital Cellulitis?

The equipment used in the hospitals for diagnosis was a snellen chart, a pin hole and a slit lamp - are there additional tools that could have been used for diagnosis?

I am not in the medical profession - if you have a problem and you are not happy with the diagnosis, you have a right to continue going to alternative hospitals in different locations. As a patient we may be right or we may be wrong but if the doctor is wrong, we as the patients, have everything to lose.

Don't let doctors tell you that medical information on the internet is inaccurate.
Much of the technical information written about medical problems is written by experts - except this site - I am a patient!

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