Glossary of Eye Infection Terms

Proptosis Eye bulging out ahead or to the side
CT Scan

Better than an X-ray to see sections in the body - in this case the front of the head and eye socket

CT is an abbreviation of Computed tomography 

Orbital Cellulitis

Infection of the tissues around the eye ball - search other websites for technical medical information written by experts

Suggested searches include :
(search strings rather than web links) 
"Orbital Cellulitis bsac" 
"Orbital Cellulitis Children's hospital boston"
 "Orbital Cellulitis Medline Plus" 
"Orbital Cellulitis Wikipedia"

IV  Drugs administered directly, ie intravenously, into the bloodstream via a cannula
Cannula Plastic device with a needle at one end and one or more pipes at the other screw caps on the pipes, then taken off for IV
Accuvision Are specialists in Laser eye correction and have their own website for reference
Accuvision deal with normal and more complicated cases that get rejected by the high street chains in the United Kingdom
Slit Lamp Lamp used by eye doctors to shine a slit of light for eye examination
Pin Hole Used to check eyesight without glasses to negate the effect of incorrect prescription
For technical information internet search : pinhole eye examination
IOP measurement Intra-occular pressure
Important test to check for early glaucoma

I would like to thank the staff at Accuvision, London and the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading for their diagnosis and treatment.

Thank you to Burnham Taxi's without their service and patience in waiting for me, I'd have never made it. Hosted on

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